Verlegt auf Februar 2021 - KlangHaus
18. February 2021 - 20. February 2021
KlangHaus 2021

KlangHaus. Logo des Festivals mit neuer Musik im Stadthaus Ulm
In 2021, the neue-Musik-Festival (festival for contemporary classical music) will take place at the Stadthaus Ulm, for the first time under its new name: ‘KlangHaus’.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Monte Verità (‘Mountain of Truth’), the legendary hill overlooking Ascona in south-west Tessin, was a Mecca for progressive artists, philosophers and idealists. Within our festival, the mountain is a symbol and synonym for visionary contemporary music. The festival explores the question, in how far artistic creation, music or the planning of a concert can contribute to the change of social consciousness.

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Anna Clementi im Festival "Stimmung" in einer Aufführung von Stepha Schweigers "The Mark on the Wall". Foto: Michele Ucchedu
Anna Clementi in "The Mark on the Wall" von Stepha Schweiger, 2018
© Michele Ucchedu

We will open with two abundant world premieres of works by Hayden Chisholm und Antonis Anissegos. They are followed by works by Clara IannottaSarah NemtsovMauricio KagelDavid LangLuigi NonoGeorge CrumbGerhard Stäbler and others.

Renowned soloists like jazz saxophonist and composer Hayden Chisholm, performance artist Anna Clementi or singer Maria Rosendorfsky will be accompanied by ensemble consord (Münster) and the European Music Project

The programme also features films, literature, fine arts and DJ sets. Furthermore, the festival partners up with Ulmer Literaturwoche Donau 2020, curated by 'Literatursalon Donau' (Florian L. Arnold and the book store Aegis).

Artistic project manager: Jürgen Grözinger

Künstlerische Leitung: Jürgen Grözinger

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