Freunde der neuen Musik im Stadthaus Ulm e.V.

‘Don’t ask what music can do for you. Ask what you can do for music.’
Sandeep Bhagwati, „Making Music“ 2000

2018 Freunde neue Musik bunt rund

Since 1996, the Stadthaus Ulm has been presenting the festival for contemporary music. In 2009 the association ‘Freunde der neuen Musik im Stadthaus Ulm e.V.’ was founded. It is the association’s goal to promote the exceptional concerts of contemporary music to build a solid and lasting foundation for the future. The association strives to further establish the series in Ulm and to reach an even bigger audience.

The more people join, the easier it will be to preserve contemporary classical music at the Stadthaus and a musical highlight in our city. Contemporary art has to be at the core of a city that’s looking towards the future.

The association’s chair

Martin-Ulrich Läpple-Hillmann, chair
Sylvia Kühn-Padrós, deputy chair, treasurer
Rainer Schlenz, deputy chair
Theo Kinder, secretary

Stadthaus Ulm
Münsterplatz 2
D-89073 Ulm

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