Culture and social issues, science and economy, media and politics – all of these topics are presented and discussed at the Stadthaus, often with well-known personalities from all over Germany. Most events are presented by guest organisers: Conventions and presentations, receptions and concerts, panels and lectures – the Stadthaus hall is the main location for these events.

However, some of the events are produced by the Stadthaus in long-lasting partnerships, such as performances of classical and contemporary classical music, philosophy and the humanities, natural sciences or culture.

Continuity is key for these partnerships: Players from the independent scene, such as the association for contemporary classical music, but also public institutions such as the Humboldt Study Center for Philosophy and Humanities at Ulm University can rely on the Stadthaus. These partnerships are designed to be sustainable and lasting, and they all attract their specific core audience.

The Museum Day and the Ulm Night of Culture, as well as the annual event honouring the victims of the Holocaust on 27 January are part of our permanent partnerships. The Südwest Presse Forum in our event hall has been a regular part of our programme since the Stadthaus’ inauguration. The Astronomische Arbeitsgruppe Ulm organises an annual event with star observation and lectures on the Stadthaus terrace. Additionally, we cooperate on special occasions, for example with Wiblinger Bachtagen or as part of the programme Junge Ulmer Kunst.