for kids

In is our heartfelt wish to engage kids and young adults to enjoy cultural matters. To make that work with exhibitions of contemporary art, the Stadthaus is offering a number of activities.

Creative youngsters up to the age of 12 can participate in two-hour workshops which have been developed especially for children, taking place on Saturday mornings during market hours. A joint visit of the ongoing exhibition provides inspiration, which then forms the basis of our workshop, where the participants can transform that inspiration into their own works, using collage, illustration, photography and a variety of other materials. These workshops usually take place once a month and are led by Katrin Strazzeri.

In January 2018, we hosted the first performance of clown-duo Willi & Rösli: When Katrin Strazzeri and Willi Schlegel are clowning about, it‘s entertainment for the whole family. We will continue this programme shortly after Christmas.

‘Der Kultur auf der Spur’ (‘Tracking culture’), a playful programme for primary school children, was developed in 2015/2016. Cultural institutions in Ulm cooperate closely with primary schools, inviting the children to get to know these locations throughout the school year. This programme focuses on discovery and trying out things. The Stadthaus has been partaking in this programme from the very start.

In addition, we are coordinating more extensive cooperation with classes and study projects from different schools and age groups. Exhibitions and projects at the Stadthaus are usually the starting-point for such programmes. In 2015, a group of children developed and produced an audio-guide for kids, explaining the Stadthaus and offering insights into the building‘s architecture. Here is a tip: It‘s very suitable for adults as well! The audio-guide is available for free at the Stadthaus and it can be downloaded to any apple phone, also for free (-> iTunes). Two educational films about the Nick Brandt exhibition in 2016 are available on youtube. Such extensive projects are organised by Andrea Kreuzpointner, who is also responsible for ‘Kibum’, the annual book fair for children and young adults, which usually takes places in the weeks before Christmas.

Unterirdisch! Was unter dem Münsterplatz verborgen lag’ is our permanent exhibition on the basement level of the Stadthaus. It presents archaeological finds that were discovered underneath the minster square (hence the name ‘Subterranean!’) and tells the diverse story of life in Ulm in previous centuries, using original artefacts, slide-shows and films. We have developed a quiz for this exhibition (in german language) that can be solved by children aged 13 to 14. It is suitable both for small groups and individual work.

If you are interested in any of these programmes, please give us a call (Tel. 0731 161 7700) or send us an e-mail (!