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Radio Garden

If you always wanted to listen in on radio programmes from all over the world — welcome to Radio Garden. Forget the distance between sender and receiver, Radio Garden knows no geographical or man-made barriers.

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Covergestaltung des Buchs "Hitler. Ein Hundeleben. FLATZ"
© Atelier FLATZ
Buchcover "Hitler. Ein Hundeleben"

Hitler. A Dog's Life

A Great Dane accompanied Austrian performance artist FLAZ (*1952) in the 1990s: "Hitler". The dog’s name, as well as the subtitles of the numerous photos are provocative; they also add humour to the project, sometimes shifting it into the banal. FLATZ: ‘Hitler is always with me, just like… further information
Coco Chanel in ihrem Atelier, 31 Rue Cambon, Paris, 1962 ©Douglas Kirkland/Photo Op
©Douglas Kirkland/Photo Op
Coco Chanel in ihrem Atelier, 31 Rue Cambon, Paris, 1962. Foto: Douglas Kirkland


Douglas Kirkland: "An Evening with Marilyn" & "Coco Chanel - Three Weeks"
One photographer, two extraordinary women and icons of photography

The great celebrities in film, show, and music business – American photographer Douglas Kirkland (*1934) had most of them in front of his camera: Sting, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton,… further information
Nach der Zerstörung Ulms: Blick durch die Hirschstraße Richtung Münster, dessen Turm unzerstört im Hintergrund aufragt.
© Stadtarchiv Ulm
Ulm, Hirschstraße nach der Zerstörung

In commemoration of the destruction of Ulm's historic centre

Animated presentation of historic photographs
This year marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Ulm on 17 December 1944.

On the third Advent Sunday between 7.23 and 7.50 p.m., a three-waved air strike of British Bombers destroyed most of the historic centre, killing 700 men, women and children.
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Heike Sauer: Auge in Auge
Foto: Heike Sauer
Auge in Auge. Gruschd-Upcycling von Heike Sauer
none of the above

Our life – sweet and Sauer

Auge in Auge. Gruschd-Upcycling by Heike Sauer
Heike Sauer was born as the daughter of her parents and grew up in the vast expanse of Swabia. further information