Stadthaus and Ulm Minster
Foto: Armin Buhl/Stadthaus Ulm
Stadthaus and Ulm Minster

Stadthaus Ulm temporarily closed

We are sorry - exhibitions are closed and events cancelled aimed at stemming the spread of coronavirus until 7 March 2021 - maybe longer! further information
Thomas Kahl: Bread for Ruanda
Martina Strilic/Galerie Tobias Schrade
Thomas Kahl: Bread for Ruanda
außer der reihe

Thomas Kahl, the unknown Explorer

He became known as the ‘bread painter’. But Thomas Kahl, who died much too young in 2017, was so much more than that. The exhibition we opened in early March 2020 in cooperation with Galerie Tobias Schrade made that very obvious. After just one week however, corona forced us to close it down again… further information
The Road Ulm - Ucross. Photo: Laurie Schwartz
Foto: Laurie Schwartz
The Road Ulm - Ucross

The Road to Ulm

Laurie Schwartz and the ghost town Ulm, Wyoming
America, ca. 1900. Technological progress sets foot on the virgin soil of Clear Creek Valley, railroad tracks are being laid. In the vast west, a little town called Ulm suddenly appears, seemingly out of thin air. It was the boom era of Sheridan County; people came in droves only to leave again –… further information
In einem kahlen Raum mit orange-braunem Fußboden und holzfarben getäfelten Wänden sitzen auf schlichten Bänken viele weißgekleidete Männer in geordneten Reihen. Das Bild heißt "Esotericist Seminar". Foto: Klaus Pichler
Foto: Klaus Pichler
"Esotericist seminar"

Klaus Pichler - This will change your life FOREVER

planned from January 30, 2021
The photographer Klaus Pichler is a man of rationality. This is how the newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" described him in May 2017 after publishing his eighth book: "This will change your life FOREVER".
What's the matter? Two of his friends have rushed into the… further information
Black and white photography of a street in Frankfurt. A number of demonstrators run towards the photograph. Photo: Barbara Klemm
Photo: Barbara Klemm
Demonstration against the Vietnam War, Frankfurt am Main, Kaiserstraße 1970

Barbara Klemm: ZEITEN BILDER

Photograpie 1967-2019. Planed after the lockdown ends until 16 May 2021.
While she worked as a newspaper photographer for the FAZ, there has been almost no historic event where she did not take a famous picture: Barbara Klemm.
It is one of her special talents to capture the precise moment of historic significance. Another is her seemingly indefinite patience and… further information
Bronze portrait busts of Hans and Sophie Scholl, created by Otl Aicher. Photo: SP / Stadthaus
Foto: SP/Stadthaus
Bronze busts of Hans and Sophie Scholl, created by Otl Aicher

Hans and Sophie Scholl

Busts, createt by Otl Aicher
If you ascend the stairs to the first floor at the Stadthaus, you encounter two bronze busts: the effigies of Hans and Sophie Scholl. The siblings were partisans of the resistance group "Die Weiße Rose" (the white rose), who were sentenced to death and executed at the prison in Munich-… further information
Subterranean! Hidden underneath the Minster Square. Visitors in the Exhibition
Foto: SP/Stadthaus Ulm
In the Exhibition


Hidden underneath the Minster Square
The Minster Square is the perceived centre of Ulm. It's where people left behind traces of their respective civilisations. These traces, which that are more than four millennia old, are much older than the Minster itself. Archaeologists found them when they studied the excavation pit and the… further information
außer der reihe

Radio Garden

If you always wanted to listen in on radio programmes from all over the world — welcome to Radio Garden. Forget the distance between sender and receiver, Radio Garden knows no geographical or man-made barriers.

further information
Recreation Pen, Camp Echo, Guantánamo Bay (c) Debi Cornwall
Photo: Debi Cornwall
Recreation Pen, Camp Echo, Guantánamo Bay

Debi Cornwall: Welcome to Camp America: Inside Guantánamo Bay

With ‘Welcome to Camp America: Inside Guantánamo Bay’, Stadthaus Ulm presents photographs exploring one of the most infamous locations in recent American history: the US naval base in Guantánamo Bay on Cuba that gained international attention in 2002, when the military established a prison camp as… further information
Puerto Rican Day Parade 2014. (c) Melanie Einzig
Photo: Melanie Einzig
Puerto Rican Day Parade 2014. (c) Melanie Einzig

Melanie Einzig: New York City Street Photos

Melanie Einzig's personal approach to street photography and her love for – often absurd – details and the subjects of her work create a very subjective image of a city everybody thinks they know: New York. Humour is the unifying element in Melanie Einzig's photography; sometimes it'… further information
Elektronenraster-The front of a Phantom midge (Chaoborus) with head, eyes, mouth and tentacles. Photo: Nicole Ottawa und Oliver Meckes
Photo: Nicole Ottawa and Oliver Meckes
phantom midge or glassworm - Chaoborus


From larva to imago - Large format insects
The inexplicable transformation from caterpillar to butterfly impresses even children. Other species as well change fundamentally in the course of their life and some even change their life-giving element, such as the dragonfly. further information