Madame Saliha, Tschad 2016. Photo: Désirée von Trotha
Photo: Désirée von Trotha
Madame Saliha, Tschad 2016
fotografie / photography

Désirée von Trotha: Sahara

25 June - 19 September 2021
The photographer, filmmaker, and author Désirée von Trotha has travelled the Sahara-Sahel regions of Algeria, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger, and for around six month every year since 1991.

Her photographs, books, and reports have become a chronicle of the world of the Saharan… further information
Foto: SP/Stadthaus Ulm
nature and environment

Stadthaus terraces

Beehives and planters on the terrace
Since 2014, this terrace has been the home of bee colonies. Bees are extremely important for our ecosystem. With our urban beekeeping project, we want to draw attention to bees.
Our planters have been redesigned and replanted in 2021, providing food for our bees. They also provide… further information
Subterranean! Hidden underneath the Minster Square. Visitors in the Exhibition
In the Exhibition


Hidden underneath the Minster Square
The Minster Square is the perceived centre of Ulm. It's where people left behind traces of their respective civilisations. These traces, which that are more than four millennia old, are much older than the Minster itself. Archaeologists found them when they studied the excavation pit and the… further information
Bronze portrait busts of Hans and Sophie Scholl, created by Otl Aicher. Photo: SP / Stadthaus
Foto: SP/Stadthaus
Bronze busts of Hans and Sophie Scholl, created by Otl Aicher

Hans and Sophie Scholl

Busts, createt by Otl Aicher
If you ascend the stairs to the first floor at the Stadthaus, you encounter two bronze busts: the effigies of Hans and Sophie Scholl. The siblings were partisans of the resistance group "Die Weiße Rose" (the white rose), who were sentenced to death and executed at the prison in Munich-… further information
außer der reihe

Radio Garden

If you always wanted to listen in on radio programmes from all over the world — welcome to Radio Garden. Forget the distance between sender and receiver, Radio Garden knows no geographical or man-made barriers.

further information
© Rudi Bodmeier
outsider art

Rudi Bodmeier: Dreamgirls

Munich artist Rudi Bodmeier favourite motifs are Mannequins and pin-up-girls. Sometimes they are flamboyant on high-heels, or self-confident, or provocative, or humble. However, Rudi Bodmeier is not so much interested in the woman as an individual, he rather isolates elements of the stereotypical… further information
The front of a Phantom midge (Chaoborus) with head, eyes, mouth and tentacles. Photo: Nicole Ottawa und Oliver Meckes
© Nicole Ottawa and Oliver Meckes
phantom midge or glassworm - Chaoborus


From larva to imago - Large format insects
The inexplicable transformation from caterpillar to butterfly impresses even children. Other species as well change fundamentally in the course of their life and some even change their life-giving element, such as the dragonfly. further information
Recreation Pen, Camp Echo, Guantánamo Bay (c) Debi Cornwall
Photo: Debi Cornwall
Recreation Pen, Camp Echo, Guantánamo Bay

Debi Cornwall: Welcome to Camp America: Inside Guantánamo Bay

Opening planned for December 12, 2021, 11 a.m.
With ‘Welcome to Camp America: Inside Guantánamo Bay’, Stadthaus Ulm presents photographs exploring one of the most infamous locations in recent American history: the US naval base in Guantánamo Bay on Cuba that gained international attention in 2002, when the military established a prison camp as… further information
Puerto Rican Day Parade 2014. (c) Melanie Einzig
Photo: Melanie Einzig
Puerto Rican Day Parade 2014. (c) Melanie Einzig

Melanie Einzig: New York City Street Photos

Opening planned for Friday, December 17, 2022, 7 p.m.
Melanie Einzig's personal approach to street photography and her love for – often absurd – details and the subjects of her work create a very subjective image of a city everybody thinks they know: New York. Humour is the unifying element in Melanie Einzig's photography; sometimes it'… further information
© Rebecca Sampson
Apples for Sale

Rebecca Sampson: Apples for Sale

Opening Friday, 25 March 2022, 7 p.m.
The exhibition Apples for Sale draws attention to the life of Indonesian maids who are living as migrants in Hong Kong under precarious conditions.

Photographer Rebecca Sampson (*1984) tells the marginalised group’s story in a multi-layered composition of documentary photography,… further information
© Julia Löffler
Left: Studio shot, Ernst Haeckel, ca. 1860 - 1900. Right: 'It's a jungle', Julia Löffler, 2020 Montage: Julia Löffler

Julia Löffler: Exotic Plant Hunters

Opening Thursday, 31 March 2022, 7 p.m.
Potted palms as status symbol or image factor?

Julia Löffler noticed: People like to pose next to exotic plants, be it in long past colonial times or on today’s social media platforms. But why?
further information
Foto: Ursula Kaufmann
Pina Bausch in her piece ‘Café Müller’, 2006

Pina Bausch seen by Ursula Kaufmann

Accompanying the dance festival Ulm Moves! 2022
For decades, photographer Ursula Kaufmann from Essen has worked with Pina Bausch and the Tanztheater Wuppertal.

Her extraordinary homage to the most important avant-gardist of contemporary dance has been shown in numerous international exhibitions. Finally, it is coming to Ulm!… further information
© Sabine Bungert and Stefan Dolfen


Photographs by Sabine Bungert and Stefan Dolfen
Kudzu is a climbing plant, originally found in Asian regions. In 1876 it appeared on the American continent, as a guest of the first The Centennial International Exhibition in Philadelphia.

Mild winters and the lack of predators enabled the invasive plant to spread uncontrollably.… further information