In einer gelb gekachelten Unterführung ist das große Schwarzweißbild einer nach rechts schauende, schreiende Frau zu sehen.
©Agnuush: „Blurred Lines“ in an underpass in Ulaanbaatar

Mongolia. Contemporary photography

Opening and artist talk: Friday, August 25th, 7 pm
We don’t know nearly enough about Mongolia around these parts, at least most of us don’t. The young democracy is rich in resources and wedged in between Russia and China. Mongolia is approximately four times the size of Germany, but with just three million people, it is the least populated country… further information
Photo: AicherSchollKolleg

Causing democracy: Justice!

Every other year, Stadthaus Ulm invites young people to submit work focussing on one democratic value for the photography exhibition ‘Causing Democracy!’

In 2023, the topic is justice. But what does ‘justice’ mean?

Young people from the age of 10 to 25 can submit… further information
Ein maskierter Mensch im Faschingskostüm und Kopftuch
Oraci, Slovenia 2019. © Jason Gardner

Costume and Masquerade

Photographs by Suzanne Jongmans and Jason Gardner
Where does the masquerade end and the self begin? With Suzanne Jongmans and Jason Gardner, Costume and masquerade presents two photographic positions that explore the human desire to escape the boundaries of one’s own skin – but from two very different perspectives.

Jason Gardner… further information
Crypto mine in Irkutsk, Russia
Photo: Danny Franzreb
Crypto mine in an old industrial complex. Location: Irkutsk, Russia

Danny Franzreb: Proof of Work

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper entitled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” in response to the financial crisis. This text was the birth of a new paradigm, the blockchain.

Based on Nakamoto’s vision, people around the world created a new infrastructure… further information
Außer der Reihe

Radio Garden

If you always wanted to listen in on radio programmes from all over the world — welcome to Radio Garden. Forget the distance between sender and receiver, Radio Garden knows no geographical or man-made barriers.

further information
Subterranean! Hidden underneath the Minster Square. Visitors in the Exhibition
In the Exhibition


Hidden underneath the Minster Square
The Minster Square is the perceived centre of Ulm. It's where people left behind traces of their respective civilisations. These traces, which that are more than four millennia old, are much older than the Minster itself. Archaeologists found them when they studied the excavation pit and the… further information
Bronze portrait busts of Hans and Sophie Scholl, created by Otl Aicher. Photo: SP / Stadthaus
Foto: SP/Stadthaus
Bronze busts of Hans and Sophie Scholl, created by Otl Aicher
100 Jahre Otl Aicher

Hans and Sophie Scholl

Busts, createt by Otl Aicher
If you ascend the stairs to the first floor at the Stadthaus, you encounter two bronze busts: the effigies of Hans and Sophie Scholl. The siblings were partisans of the resistance group "Die Weiße Rose" (the white rose), who were sentenced to death and executed at the prison in Munich-… further information
Mädchen im roten Sommerkleid dressiert Mops
Photo: Katharina Bosse
Maxi and Casi, 2016

Dog Days

In the summer of 2025, the Stadthaus is going to explore the peculiar bond between humans and dogs: who leads whom on a leash? Who is the top dog in the relationship between pooch and owner - in times when owners refer to themselves as "mom" and "dad", pampered puppies become… further information