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außer der reihe

Radio Garden

If you always wanted to listen in on radio programmes from all over the world — welcome to Radio Garden. Forget the distance between sender and receiver, Radio Garden knows no geographical or man-made barriers.

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Subterranean! Hidden underneath the Minster Square. Visitors in the Exhibition
Foto: SP/Stadthaus Ulm
In the Exhibition

Subterranean! Closed

Hidden underneath the Minster Square
The Minster Square is the perceived centre of Ulm. It's where people left behind traces of their respective civilisations. These traces, which that are more than four millennia old, are much older than the Minster itself. Archaeologists found them when they studied the excavation pit and the… further information
Thomas Kahl: Bread for Ruanda
Martina Strilic/Galerie Tobias Schrade
Thomas Kahl: Bread for Ruanda
außer der reihe

Thomas Kahl, the unknown Explorer

exhibition temporarily closed aimed at stemming the spread of coronavirus
He became known as a “bread painter”. But Thomas Kahl, who died much to early in 2017, was so much more. He was born in Zittau, Saxony, in 1963 and moved to Ulm in 1980, co-founding the artist collective “Die fantastischen Vier” (the fantastic four). They changed the name to “Künstlergruppe… further information
Stadthaus and Ulm Minster
Foto: Armin Buhl/Stadthaus Ulm
Stadthaus and Ulm Minster

Stadthaus Ulm temporarily closed

Until end of easter holidays: exhibitions closed and events cancelled aimed at stemming the spread of coronavirus further information
Mann steht im freien mit Rakete auf dem Rücken
Foto: Bradley Phillips „Rocket“ (Bearb. Dentler/ Peter)
geplante Eröffnung/planned opening: 15. Mai 2020

The world, a space with wings

On the 250th anniversary of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger. Planned opening: Fr 15 May
Attempting to fly across the river Danube on 31 May 1811, Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger crashes his hang-glider, much to the amusement of his audience, including the duke and princes. Today, we know that he was a visionary. He knew that the world is a space with wings.

Mumbai 1895: The… further information