Guided tours through the Stadthaus

Public tours (unless otherwise noted)
€ 4,- € 1,50 (children), € 0,50 (for every additional child)
Please register here or give us a call 0731 161 7700
Free admission for artcard holders

Guided tours for groups
Monday through Saturday € 70,-
Sunday and public holidays € 80,-
Students/classes € 30,- flat fee

Guided tours for groups in English or Russian including foreign language fee
Monday through Saturday € 85,-
Sunday € 95,-


The following tours are focused on specific topics and are available for closed groups, too.
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Guided tours through the Stadthaus and guided tours of the permanent archeologic exhibition ‘Unterirdisch‘ (lit. subterranean)
with Angelika Held (in German language)

Angelika Held
Angelika Held
Photo: Nik Schölzel

Angela Held will give you interesting and essential stories from 30 years of Stadthaus, about the history of debates about the ‘correct’ way of buidling on the Minster Square, which caused heated discussions, and about the decision for building the Stadthaus, after a public vote to prevent the construction failed in 1987. Today, the Stadthaus is one of the youngest cultural heritage sites in the state of Baden-Württemberg. It was classified a cultural heritage site of special importance in early 2019, just 25 years after its inauguration.

The archaeology and history of the Minster Square is presented in the exhibition ‘Unterirdisch.‘ Special guided tours with Angela Held are available.


What is usually hidden out of sight: The technical rooms of the Stadthaus
with Paul Stauber (in German language)

Der technische Leiter des Stadthauses im schwarzen Hemd steht vor der grünen Kältemaschine, die das Stadthaus temperiert.
Technical director Paul Stauber explains the cooling unit.
Filmstill. Audio Express

Technical director Paul Stauber will take you through places usually inaccessible to the public, the Stadthaus catacombs. It’s all about cooling units, grease traps and more: technology that’s invisible but indispensable.

Reservation is mandatory. Please register here.

Our Youtube-Channel provides some teasers with Paul Stauber, but seeing it with your own eyes is so much better.

Special guided tours
with Karla Nieraad (in German language)

Ausstellungsführung mit Karla Nieraad
Foto: Dieter Rudolph

During these special guided tours, Stadthaus director Karla Nieraad shares interesting and surprising stories from the 30-year history of the building. The tours end on the Stadthaus terrace where you can enjoy the view over the Minster Square, in the summer with a soundtrack of buzzing bees, and with the smell of flowers, in the winter with the beautifully lit Christmas market.

Depending on the season, you’ll be served a glass of strawberry punch or mulled wine.

€ 8,- registration is mandatory

Telephone 0731 161 7700

"Pool ladders and flying carpets"
Guided tour for families with Silvia Keppler (in German language)

Silvia Keppler
Silvia Keppler
Photo: Nik Schölzel

Stadthaus Ulm has an extraordinary architecture, curved walls, stairs that appear to be floating in the air, large windows that seem to almost suck the surrounding area into the building.  And there are lions in the basement. Whatever children, parents, and grandparents want to know about this cool building, Silvia Kepler has many captivating stories to tell.

Such as the reason why the Stadthaus is painted white. And why you can see the Minster spire from so many places. And what about the spiral stairs? And if you want to, you can be an architect yourself. Silvia Keppler has developed a model of the Stadthaus that be taken apart and put together in different ways to create a new building.

Guided tours in German, English, or Russian with Elsa Schröttle can be booked at any time.

Guided tour with Elsa Schröttle © Erich Püschel

Botanik-Stunde auf den Stadthaus-Bienen-Terrassen
mit Swetlana Kreinert und der BUND Hochschulgruppe

Blumenuhr nach Carl von Linne ©Andrada Cretu

Eine grüne Oase inmitten des Stadttrubels mit Bienenvölkern und Beeten mit Kräutern, Pflanzen und Moosen. In einer Botanik-Stunde für Groß und Klein gibt die Biologin Swetlana Kreinert, Mitglied der BUND Hochschulgruppe Ulm, spannende Einblicke in die Welt dieser Pflanzen.