The independent contemporary dance scene has been a part of the Stadthaus programme for many years. In 2001, the Stadthaus formed a close and regular partnership with Strado Compagnia Danza, which creates one or two full-scale productions for the Stadthaus stage every year. With SETanztheater and its choreographer Sebastian Eilers (2007, Nuremberg), Ralf Jaroschinski (Superheroes and Space Cowboys 2008, Angelica, Salt and Sci-fi Poetry 2009, Aalen/Los Angeles), Susanna Curtis (TwOthello 2011, London/Nuremberg), Helmut Ott (MüllZappen 2012, Munich) or Moving Rhizomes, a group centred around Pablo Sansalvador and Cecilia Espejo (for the first time in 2016) external choreographers and small companies are presenting other styles of contemporary dance at the Stadthaus.

The Stadthaus has been a close partner and location for the Ulm dance festival from the start.