Malerei und Collage
21. May 2023 - 13. August 2023
Birte Horn - set_up

colourvote 2021 election posters, intervention screen print © Birte Horn
Researching motives for her work, Birte Horn often explores and photographs disappearing places – such as villages to be demolished in Garzweiler in the soft coal mining area or an abandoned hospital in Venice. She is interested in the colours, shapes, and structures of rooms and items that had been abandoned when people left. These photographs are a first starting point for her paintings and collages.
Bunte Papierausschnitte geometrisch geordnet
papercut_18 2019 Letraset. © Birte Horn. Foto: Bernhard Strauss

Horn’s works are the result of a multi-layered process: In her paintings, found colour-shapes are woven into special, often abstract arrangements. The relationship between fields and empty space is one of her main themes – it is the counterpart to three-dimensional space.

It is a process of continuous fragmentation and transformation, until the painted network of layers conquers its space in the canvas and becomes substantial.

Wandinstallation monochrome, farbige Platten
standout_3 und 4, Farbfonds, 2021. © Birte Horn

For Birte Horn, painting is an interspace, always anticipating the shift of reality in the process of finding imagery. In her work, the artist focuses on the principle of deconstruction and construction. She extracts, fragments, and recombines – with her mind, eyes, hands, and language. The thoughts and images in her head are allowed to roam in all directions at will, they overlap and fuse into always new ideas. Which creates a lot of freedom to play with fragments of reality.


Biography Birte Horn

Birte Horn, born in 1972 in Düsseldorf, studied art at the university Folkwang-Hochschule in Essen with Professor Laszlo Lakner and German philology at Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. She has been living in Blaubeuren for many years. She was awarded a scholarship by Stiftung Kunstfonds and pro arte ulmer kunststiftung. Her works have been shown in Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Den Haag, Douarnenez, Engen and Stuttgart.

teile_12 2019 oil on canvas. © Birte Horn

Curator: Dr. Raimund Kast
Opening on International Museum Day
Sunday, 21 May 2023, 2 pm, with Marco Hompes, director Kunstmuseum Heidenheim


21 May 2023
International Museum Day at Stadthaus

11:00 am: Guided tour for families "Von Schwimmbadleitern und fliegenden Teppichen" with Silvia Keppler

11:30 am: Trio Solovey - Eva Möritz, Katharina Möritz-Rodionov and Dmitry Rodionov
Romantic songs for Soprano, flute, and piano

Followed by: guided tours through the Stadthaus (details available soon)