23. March 2019 - 26. May 2019
Boxing Cuba
Katharina Alt

Katharina Alt: Boxing Cuba
Foto: Katharina Alt
Boxing in Cuba is much more than a sport, it is part of Cuban culture, not unlike soccer in Germany. However, the importance of boxing for young people' in Cuba is of a much more vital quality. Boxing is a possibility to fight for something beyond titles and awards, it is the possibility to fight for a better life.
Kuba. Portrait eines Jungen im Ring. Foto Katharina Alt
Kuba. Portrait eines Jungen im Ring
Katharina Alt

Katharina Alt, who completed part of her training as a photographer in Neu-Ulm, travels to Cuba at the end of 2015,  to experience and document the meaning of boxing in Cuban society. She doesn't focus on the internationally successful professionals, the world champions and Olympic gold medalists.

Katharina Alt: Boxing Cuba. Boxequipment
Foto: Katharina Alt

Naturally, Alt doesn't ignore them, but she doesn't idolise them either: Her approach to photographing them is unpretentious and personal, just as she approaches the young boys practicing, the coaches and doctors, active boxers and retired athletes.

Likewise, Alt does not focus on boxing as a sports event or the ring, she also shows people in private, their homes, out on the streets, totally relaxed. „Boxing Cuba“ is not just a documentary about boxing in Cuba, it is a very special view on Cuban culture.

This exhibition of 34 large format photographs was first shown at Museum fünf Kontinente in Munich in 2016, on the occasion of which an extensive catalogue was published (Hirmer).

Projectmanagement: Tommi Brem
Opening: Friday, 22 Märch 2019, 7-9 pm