18. December 2021 - 13. March 2022
Melanie Einzig: New York City Street Photos

Puerto Rican Day Parade 2014. (c) Melanie Einzig
Puerto Rican Day Parade 2014. (c) Melanie Einzig
Photo: Melanie Einzig
Melanie Einzig's personal approach to street photography and her love for – often absurd – details and the subjects of her work create a very subjective image of a city everybody thinks they know: New York. Humour is the unifying element in Melanie Einzig's photography; sometimes it's subtle, sometimes on the nose, but always loyal to the subject. The abundance of empathy the photographer has for those portrayed is almost tangible in every single shot.

Born in Los Angeles in 1967, Melanie Einzig grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis. She had an early interest in art and poetry and moved to New York in 1990, to become an artist.



Teletransport 2000. (c) Melanie Einzig
Teletransport 2000
Photo: Melanie Einzig

Melanie Einzig studied at International Center of Photography / New York University (NYU), where she focused on computer-generated imagery as well as on film. After graduating, she worked for Associated Press, before becoming a self-employed event photographer.

In 1997, Melanie Einzig received the Aaron Siskind Foundation Fellowship and was member of the In-Public street photography collective from 2002 until 2016. Her work was published in magazines and books, and it was shown in numerous street photography exhibitions, such as in New York, Oklahoma City and Louisville/Kentucky; in Mexico City, Bangkok, Stockholm and London; in Tel Aviv, Cardiff, Brussels and most currently at Deichtorhallen in Hamburg in 2018  ("Street.Life.Photography").

“For me, the camera is a means of expression. The world's images enter my field of vision and find their way back though the camera. What excites me the most are the often absurd scenes and bizarre moments of life. In the best case, my photos reveal the truth of our common experience of being human and how that is presented in public”, says Melanie Einzig about her work.

5th Avenue 2007. (c) Melanie Einzig
5th Avenue 2007
Photo: Melanie Einzig

Idea and project management: Nadja Wollinsky and Petra Schmitt


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