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From larva to imago - Large format insects

Elektronenraster-The front of a Phantom midge (Chaoborus) with head, eyes, mouth and tentacles. Photo: Nicole Ottawa und Oliver Meckes
phantom midge or glassworm - Chaoborus
Photo: Nicole Ottawa and Oliver Meckes
The inexplicable transformation from caterpillar to butterfly impresses even children. Other species as well change fundamentally in the course of their life and some even change their life-giving element, such as the dragonfly.

The enthusiasm for this magical process has completely taken over Nicole Ottawa (* 1965) and Oliver Meckes (* 1963). The graduate biologist and the photographer track down the quick-change artists with meticulous precision. Between science and art, they have specialized in photography with a scanning electron microscope, which makes them to pioneers in their field! Thus they create portraits of insect parents and their children, whose overwhelming size visualizes even the smallest details. The change in scale allows the viewer discover an otherwise invisible world in the area of tension between resistance and fascination.

Guided tours:

Wednesday, 6.January 2021, 2 pm
Sunday, 10 Januar 2021, 11 am

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Project management: Annette Schellenberg

The book "Wandlungskünstler - Die geheime Erfolgsgeschichte der Insekten" (Veronika Straaß, Claus-Peter Lieckfeld) with pictures of Nicole Ottawa and Oliver Meckes is avaiable in the exhibition.