A Stadthaus contribution to the dance festival Ulm Moves!
08. June 2018 - 26. August 2018
Images of people in motion and of emotional people

MovinPics. Wortmarke, Design: Nik Schölzel
MovinPics. Wortmarke
Design: Nik Schölzel
Nine photographers and one non-photographer, all of which have a special connection to the Stadthaus, to Ulm, Neu-Ulm and the surrounding regions, were invited to create works on the topic of 'movement'. Artistic freedom was guaranteed. An exciting process for all involved.
Nadja Wollinsky: Wild and Free
Wild and Free
Foto: Nadja Wollinsky

With Armin Buhl, Martina Dach, Cecilia Espejo, Mark Klawikowski, Nik Schölzel und Nadja Wollinsky aus Ulm, Yvonne Faber und Conné van d'Grachten aus der Region sowie die aus Ulm stammenden Katharina Alt und Stephanie Englert.

Country music festivals, line dancers, a Zumba group and flying boys were paid a visit, a pedestrian overpass, a tramcar, old and new ballet halls, as well as an abandoned dance-cruise boat have been explored. Lively facial expressions were studied. Images were fragmented, wire was shaped, a dancer was placed in the water and a video was shot. And we visited four dancers who performed on the stage of Theater Ulm almost 50 years ago, learning their moving stories: Ariane Gavizzoli, Margaritha Gradetschljewa, Carina Schnabel-Hudec and Boris Talevski.

Nik Schölzel: Zumba-Gruppe der Lebenshilfe Senden. Aus der Serie "Everybody"
Zumba-Gruppe der Lebenshilfe Senden. Aus der Serie "Everybody"
Foto: Nik Schölzel

This exhibition is the Stadthaus contribution to the dance festival Ulm Moves (7. bis 17. Juni 2018)

Opening: Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2018, 19 Uhr
Projekt management: Karla Nieraad, Nik Schölzel