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außer der reihe
07. March 2020 - 26. April 2020
Thomas Kahl, the unknown Explorer
exhibition temporarily closed aimed at stemming the spread of coronavirus

Thomas Kahl: Bread for Ruanda
Thomas Kahl: Bread for Ruanda
Martina Strilic/Galerie Tobias Schrade
He became known as a “bread painter”. But Thomas Kahl, who died much to early in 2017, was so much more. He was born in Zittau, Saxony, in 1963 and moved to Ulm in 1980, co-founding the artist collective “Die fantastischen Vier” (the fantastic four). They changed the name to “Künstlergruppe Kradhalle” in 1992, after the name of their studio, where Kahl and his artist friends could pursue their artistic projects. The four had international success with exhibitions in Cologne, Zurich, Milan and Rome.

A blue Bread of Thomas Kahl in Mariposa, Teneriffa. Photo: Raimund Kast
Thomas Kahl: PAN, Kulturpark Mariposa, Teneriffa (1994/95)
© Raimund Kast

Kahl created humorous and rebellious forums for ironic interaction with the traditional art business. The self-taught artist was more than just a creative maverick, he did a lot of research but rarely offered an explanation for his works. He was constantly looking for material to turn into paintings, collages, works on paper or dioramas.

Kahl was also a musician and curated events; he organised pop, indie and hip-hop concerts at Kradhalle, created opportunities for other artists. While all the other Kradhalle-artists moved to Berlin over the years, Kahl stayed in Ulm.

"Die große Kumpanei" Brotmaschinen-Installation von Thomas Kahl
Thomas Kahl: Die große Kumpanei
© Martina Strillic/Galerie Tobias Schrade

The Stadthaus, in cooperation with Galerie Tobias Schrade, is presenting a Thomas Kahl retrospective, showing paintings, objects and installations from different times in his career.

Galerie Tobias Schrade is publishing an accompanying catalogue:
Thomas Kahl - Der unbekannte Forscher.


Szenerie mit Tod in einer Gaststube
Thomas Kahl: Totentanz
© Martina Strilic

Projectmanagement: Dr. Raimund Kast

Opening: Freitag, 6. März, 19 Uhr

with Patrick Pilsl and his Trio MF DEAN
Patrick Pilsl, voc. – Gerhard Kutter, git. – Julia Göltenboth, cello

Guided tours with Dr. Raimund Kast
sunday, 15. März 2020, 15 Uhr - canceled!
Donnerstag, 9. April 2020, 18 Uhr - canceled



Logo des Museums Ulm
© Museum Ulm

Die Künstlergruppe Kradhalle im Museum Ulm

The Museum Ulm is presenting an accompanying exhibition in its small exhibition rooms with works by Kradhalle artists Andrew Greif, Thomas Kahl, Peter Knabl and Patrick Pilsl from the Museum Ulm collection.

This exhibitions is closed until April 19, too.