11. June 2022 - 23. June 2022
Die vierte Auflage des Tanzfestivals Ulm Moves!

Ulm Moves! 4. Ulmer Tanzfestival 11.-23. Juni 2022 - Ankündigung auf lachsrotem Hintergrund mit zwei Tänzern
Ulm Moves!
From 11 to 23 June, fitness meets agility, improv meets jazz and pointe meets street dance at ROXY, Stadthaus, Theatre Ulm and the ulmer zelt!
Once again we have succeeded in inviting internationally renowned companies such as "Ultima Vez" from Belgium or "Jus de la Vie" from Sweden to Ulm. In addition, companies from Germany will show you the whole spectrum of dance passion. And - there will also be a new edition of the dance parcours through the city centre of Ulm with the various groups from Ulm and the surrounding area, which is so popular with the audience - completely free of charge and always outside!

There will be two dance evenings at Stadthaus:

Curtis & Co. – dance affairs: Do You Contemporary Dance?
Tuesday, 21 June 2022, 8 p.m.

Eine Tänzerin auf dunkler Bühne von schräg oben fotografiert
Curtis & Co. – dance affairs: Do You Contemporary Dance?
Foto: Sebastian Autenrieth

A stage. Lights. Music. And: Show!

In her solo production Do you contemporary dance? choreographer and dancer, Susanna Curtis, presents the results of her year-long research on the subject of contemporary dance.

Sometimes she’s philosphical, sometimes poetical, sometimes in humorous stand-up mode, sometimes deeply moving. She tells of her personal experiences and personal crises, in a career as dancer and performer spanning 35 years.

The audience follows the performer as she questions and searches for answers – what exactly is contemporary dance, where does it come from and why do we watch it (or not)? Susanna Curtis delves into dance, movement, language and light.

She metaphorically and literally bares all to discover dance underneath the fashionable mantle of the conceptional, conceptual and the authentic, maintaining her tongue in cheek stance. And she surprises herself in revealing the theatrical magic in everyday life.

Everything you always wanted to know about contemporary dance, but were too afraid to ask – for die-hard dance experts and for dance novices.

Idea, Concept, Choreographie, Direction & Performance: Susanna Curtis
Co-Regie, Film, Voice: Jürgen Heimüller
Light: Sasa Batnozic
Film: Miho Kasama
Costume consultation: Johanna Deffner
Assistence: Melina Geitz
Music: Martin Denny, Anna von Hausswolff, Jürgen Heimüller, Anders Hillborg, Kate Moore, Mark Ronson
Photographie: Sebastian Autenrieth

Entrance: 7 p.m.
Room-Admission: 7:45 p.m.

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Vvk: 21 € / 18 € erm. plus service fee and shipping, if applicable
AK 25 € / 22 € erm.

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LA_Trottier Dance: Thinking Views
Thursday, 23 June 2022, 8 p.m.

Vier komplett verhüllte Tänzer*innen vor dunklem Grund
La Trottier Dance - Thinking Views
Foto: Lys Y. Seng

In "Thinking Views" Éric Trottier and his four dancers develop a utopian harmonic scenario. It is inspired by the view of individual cells in their commonality, how they form an organism in constant micro-movement, and by molecular atoms in motion. Four individuals in consonance, connected to each other by a secret bond of mindfulness and agreement, tangibly following a common inner order, even if their interplay seems chaotic. The underlying order is difficult to reveal to the viewer. If they try to keep an eye on the individual, the group as a whole pushes itself into focus in its movement. The stage action plays with the fact that it is physiologically impossible for humans to perceive the whole and its parts at the same time - the gaze can only oscillate between them. In this production,

La TD focuses on the basic dimensions of space and movement in dance. The result is a symbiosis of movement, space, music and visuals that seems to us like a utopia: the utopia of a being, of nature, of a society in harmony.

Dancers: Laura Börtlein, Martina Martin, Katharina Wiedenhofer, Seung Hwan Lee
Choreographic assistence: Michelle Cheung
Costume: Melanie Riester
Music: Steffen Dix
Video: Benjamin Jantzen
Light & technical management: Stefan Grießhaber
Dramaturgy & management: Susanne Brauer
Photographie: Lys Y. Seng

Informations about the Company
Entrance: 7 p.m.
Room-Admission: 19:45 Uhr

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Vvk: 21 € / 18 € erm. plus service fee and shipping, if applicable
AK 25 € / 22 € erm.

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There will be further performances as part of the Ulm Moves! festival at Roxy, Theatre Ulm and "ulmer zelt".

Information on all offers is available at the website of Ulm Moves!-Dance Festivals.

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Wegbeschreibung Tanzparcours Ulm Moves 2022
Wegbeschreibung Tanzparcours Ulm Moves 2022
Ralf Hartung

Samstag, 11. Juni 2022 | Innenstadt | 15:00 Uhr

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2022 | Innenstadt | 22:00 Uhr (Nachtparcours)

Samstag, 18. Juni 2022 | Innenstadt | 17:30 Uhr

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2022 | Innenstadt | 22:00 Uhr (Nachtparcours)

Während eines gut 90-minütigen Spaziergangs durch die Ulmer Innenstadt laden an verschiedenen Stationen Akteure mit einer Performance zum Verweilen ein. Passanten werden zu Zuschauern. Zuschauer werden zu Akteuren. Regionale Tanzgruppen und ausgezeichnete Solisten zeigen, was Ulm tänzerisch drauf hat. Sie machen neugierig und begeistern, ob mit atemberaubender Akrobatik, ob mit pantomimischer Poesie oder mitreißender Rhythmik.

Augen auf! Tanz ist überall. Ganz nach dem Motto: Deine Stadt tanzt — tanz deine Stadt! 
Der Parcours ist natürlich kostenlos und für Tänzer wie Zuschauer ein absolutes Muss.

Start: Stadtbibliothek Ulm
Ziel: Münsterplatz
Dauer ca. 1,5 h