Klaus Pichler - This will change your life FOREVER
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In einem kahlen Raum mit orange-braunem Fußboden und holzfarben getäfelten Wänden sitzen auf schlichten Bänken viele weißgekleidete Männer in geordneten Reihen. Das Bild heißt "Esotericist Seminar". Foto: Klaus Pichler
"Esotericist seminar"
Foto: Klaus Pichler
The photographer Klaus Pichler is a man of rationality. This is how the newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" described him in May 2017 after publishing his eighth book: "This will change your life FOREVER".
What's the matter? Two of his friends have rushed into the esoteric scene due to severe blows of fate. The term "esotericism" is often used for ideological movements which, for example - according to the Internet - aim to "draw on occult, anthroposophical, metaphysical teachings and practices towards self-knowledge and self-realization of people".

Bild mit lindgrünem Hintergrund. Unten ein runder Stehtisch mit silbrig glänzendem Überwurf, an der Wand in rosa Corona der "harmonie engergie transformer" - ein Schneidebrett. Foto: Klaus Pichler
"Harmony energy transformer“
Foto: Klaus Pichler

Some would say: esoteric? That's nonsense! - This is what Klaus Pichler thought. However, he tried to understand this mystery. He went underground. For two years he's been living as an esoteric, researching for months and attending esoteric fairs, as well as trying to find out how it was possible to convince people that, for example, € 279 for a "Harmony energy transformer" that supposedly purifies drinking water, removes radiation from clothing and disables curses, is worth every penny. Are you thinking about a magical, inexplicable and mysterious object? Yes, indeed! Because the "Harmony energy transformer" is an ordinary cutting board. WOW!

Die Ecke einer weißen Tischplatte vor hellblauem Hintergrund. Auf dem Tisch steht ein zur hälfte mit einer Flüssigkeit gefülltes, schlankes Fläschchen mit silbernem Schraubverschluss. In dem Fläschchen ist ein Teil einer Pflanze. Das Bild heißt "Penis enlagement elexir". Foto: Klaus Pichler
"Penis enlargement elixir"
Foto: Klaus Pichler

After his research, Pichler came to the conclusion that esotericism is specifically aimed at desperate people who feel they are in a hopeless situation. Men who are not satisfied with the size of their primary sex organ, for instance. No problem - the "penis enlargement elixir" can help! Up to 10 additional centimeters are promised. For only € 43.

Klaus Pichler's series consists of photographs of products, restagings of images in online panels and visualizations of esoteric theories. All faked? Nothing in this project is fake, or at least not faked by Pichler. We are happy to have the opportunity to show his series in our "Stadthaus".

Klaus Pichler was born in Vienna in 1977. He spent his childhood and a large part of his youth in the federal state of Styria. Since 2005, after completing his landscape architecture studies at the University of Biosciences in Vienna, he has been working as a freelance photographer, amongst others for the newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung". His previous works include "Drawn for life", "Just the two of us" and "Golden days before they end".

Project manager: Dr. Raimund Kast

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