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15. May 2020 - 25. October 2020
Taking Flight to a World Beyond
On the 250th anniversary of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger

Mann steht im Freien mit Rakete auf dem Rücken
Foto: Bradley Phillips „Rocket“ (Bearb. Dentler/ Peter)
Attempting to fly across the river Danube on 31 May 1811, Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger crashes his hang-glider, much to the amusement of his audience, including the duke and princes. Today, we know that he was a visionary.

The exhibition celebrating the 250th birthday of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger presents a plethora of ideas along the thin line between science and imagination. It touches upon taking flight in a shoe as well as teleportation. It also proves that the first human to drill a hole straight down from the minster square will come back out in the Flowerpot Bay of Pitt Island. This tunnel will be 12,742 kilometres and flying from one end to the other will take 38 minutes.

Numerous artist and scientist from all around the world have made their contribution to this exhibition.



The spectacular discovery: Berblinger's flag on the moon
The spectacular discovery: Berblinger's flag on the moon

A red thread through the exhibition is provided in the edition stadthaus (German only) and in the form of 17 questions to test your imagination.

Surprising details, daring inventions and a series of clues hinting at the true stories behind the exhibition will also be published on Facebook via #diewelteinraummitflügeln (German only).

This world will be explored at the Stadthaus by: Timo Dentler and Okarina Peter

Photo of Timo Dentler and Okarina Peter
Timo Dentler and Okarina Peter

And it's completely analogue. They will create a giant, accessible stage, to be experienced by everyone, preschool children, teenagers, retirees, nerds and astrophysicists.

Timo Dentler, born in Ulm, is the son of goldsmith Rudolf Dentler. Okarina Peter is from Constance. Both studied at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf under stage and costume designer, theater and opera director Karl Kneidl. Dentler and Peter have been working as stage and costume designers all around the world since 2000, predominantly for music theatre productions. They have been nominated as best stage designers and twice as best costume designers by the magazine 'Opernwelt'. They work for the most renowned of theatres, like the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, Semperoper Dresden or Volksoper Wien. Recent productions include 'Le vieux Juif blonde', directed by Volker Schlöndorff at Théâtre des Mathurins Paris, and 'Idomeneo' in Heidelberg, directed by Peter Konwitschny ('Director of the year' 2018).

Fictitious earth tunnel from Ulm Cathedral Square to the Flowerpot Bay of Pitt Island. Sketch: Nik Schölzel

Concept and design: Timo Dentler, Okarina Peter
Dramaturg: Karla Nieraad
Project management: Katharina Buzin, Nik Schölz
additional research: Christos Kalokerinos
Gerhard Schwehm, Rosetta Mission Manager and director of the Solar System Science Operations Division at ESA, ret.
Kurt Büchler, Spacecraft Engineering Manager at ESA, ret.

Lighting designer: Wolfgang Göbbel
Co-lighting designer: Jürgen Kolb
Technical manager: Paul Stauber
Structures: David Münch
Scenic painting: Agnete Winter
Theatre sculptor: Bisser Berov

Open from Friday, 15 May 2020!

Information regarding guided tours can be found here and regarding workshops for kids over here.

To access the exhibition without waiting in line, please book your timeslot here!

Zeigt das Logo des Berblingerjubiläums 2021
Logo Berblinger 2021
lahaye tiedemann gestalten / Stadt Ulm

Isabel Alvarez, camerawomen, Montevideo/Uruguay and Berlin
Frank Bartholmess, pilot, München
Ashwath Bhatt, actor, as pioneer of aviation Shivkar Bāpuji Talpade, Mumbai and New Delhi
Michaela Dicu, director from Leipzig, born in Romania
Christiane Heinicke, geophysicist and engineer, developer of a moon and mars habitat, ZARM Bremen
Eurico Lino do Vale, artist and photographer, Porto/Portugal
Csaba Marton, expert for manned moon missions and musician, Ulm
Suzanna Randall, astrophysicist, astronaut in training, ESO Garching
Gerhard Schwehm, Rosetta Mission Manager and director emeritus of the Solar System Science Operations Division at ESA, Noordwijk/Netherlands
Tomo Sugao, director, as Samurai Hattori Hanzō, Sapporo/Japan und Berlin
Sarah Maria Sun, singer, Dresden
Barthélémy Toguo, sculptor, M'Balmayo/Cameroon and Paris
Anton Zeilinger, Quantum physicist, University of Vienna, President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Voice artists
Isaak Dentler
Markus Dentler
Wolfgang Göbbel
Hans Münch
Ulrike Münch
H.A. Scharf
Hannelore Scharf
Thomas J. Scharf

Mattes Herre based on a text by Eva Marburg


Herzlich danken wir dem ESA Büro Moskau, Yulia Tsoy und René Pischel (Juri Gagarins Gesang), dem Staatstheater Stuttgart (Juri Gagarins Raumanzug), Siegfried Salke (Bühnenlicht, Holzheim), Albrecht Berblinger-Schulen Ulm (Berblingers Flugapparat), Caroline Mackersey/Ian Mackersey Productions (Jean Batten-Doku), Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision (Radio New Zealand collection) und dem Fotografen unseres Titelbildes Bradley Phillips.

Die Ausstellung entsteht außerdem mit freundlicher Unterstützung zahlreicher Sponsoren und Institutionen:

Auf präsentiert der Verkehrsverbund DING unter dem Motto „Flugtaxis! Spinnt ihr?“ aktuelle Mobillitätsideen - auch oft belächelt.

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